30th October 2016

The Instaview | Talking #gridgoals with Laura’s Little Locket

By Jessica Vince
Laura's Little Locket Instagram Interview: Top Blogging Tips Image credit: @lauraslittlelocket

Meet the blogger behind Laura’s Little Locket…

We’ve all had those days when we’re stuck for inspiration. When we’re bored of our wardrobe/living room/bowl of muesli and need a spark of creativity. Happily, we live in the golden age of Instagram where inspiration pops up with a flick of the thumb. 

Which is rather handy considering this here website is about uncovering double-tap-worthy outfits you can make your own. It’s led to my spin-off page in The Telegraph’s Stella magazine (shameless plug alert!) so I spend many hours falling down the Insta rabbit hole looking for new ‘Fashioninstas’.

One such lady I came across is Laura Byrnes. Stylish, smiley and with an eye for high-street bargains, her feed is packed to the rafters with gorgeous outfit inspo. Follow pronto if you’re not already: @lauraslittlelocket. 

After I included her in Stella, she promptly ’grammed the page and sent me a sweet message to say thank you. And that’s another wonder of Instagram: you meet new pals with just a click of a button.

Of course I couldn’t miss the opportunity to ask Laura about all things blogging. How does she balance it with a full-time job? What makes the perfect backdrop? And what would she never ever share?? Read on to find out…

Dressr: Let’s start at the beginning! Tell me about when you first got into blogging…

Laura: It all started on New Year’s Day 2014. I wanted a creative outlet where I could write, play around with photography and, most importantly, share my personal style. I was just so excited to have my very own ‘thing’ that I had created. Since then, I’ve posted every single Sunday with only the odd exception.

Dressr: When did you realise it was starting to take off?

Laura: There wasn’t one specific moment, it’s grown organically. But I’ll always remember when I first started and ASOS regrammed one of my photos. That helped to grow my audience massively in a short space of time. It was such a good feeling to be noticed by such a huge brand.

Dressr: Good ol’ ASOS! What do you love most about blogging?

Laura: That’s a toughie… There are so many things, like opportunities to work with brands and on different projects. It’s also great to meet lovely like-minded bloggers and being able to share the things I love with the world in my own way.

Dressr: And what do you find most difficult?

Laura: It’s hard to juggle working full time and running a blog. I’m in the swing of being organised and posting once a week, but it gets frustrating when I can only shoot at weekends. I wish I could spend more time on my blog, but as it isn’t earning a full time income, I have to work a 9-5 job in order to pay the bills.

Dressr: But is that the plan? To do it full-time eventually?

Laura: Yes, I hope so.

Dressr: You’ve got a hugely engaged community on Instagram, which is such an amazing tool…

Laura: Yeah, it has opened so many doors for me career-wise. I don’t have any A-levels or a uni degree so my blog and Instagram is a handy way to showcase my skills. I like to upload at least one photo a day to Instagram so I save a batch in my favourites folder, then they’re all ready to be uploaded throughout the week.

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Stripes AND embroidery 😍 @manamouboutique

A post shared by LAURA BYRNES (@lauraslittlelocket) on

Dressr: Your images are always spot-on. Does it take a lot of planning?

Laura: The outfit posts are always planned. I try to shoot three outfits at once, which gives me three-weeks worth of content as I do a blog post once a week. This saves a lot of time. But my food posts are usually more impulsive. That’s if I remember in the first place — I’ve usually already started tucking in before remembering to take a photo!   

Dressr: Speaking of outfits, which looks do your community most respond to?

Laura: I find simple everyday outfits in natural light perform best or just OOTD mirror snaps.

Dressr: Your outfits often send me on a shopping spree! But who inspires you to make a purchase?

Laura: I see so many gorgeous outfits on Instagram, but when I see something I think would suit me and really fit in with my wardrobe, I’ll screen shot it and make the purchase when I get the chance. My current inspirations are all of the effortless Scandi girls.

Dressr: You’re great at finding an Instagrammable location – what’s your secret?

Laura: I’m always on the hunt for a white wall! Clean walls, white backdrops and cute houses have good photo potential. If I spot something while driving or walking past, I look for the road name then keep a note of it for whenever I’m next shooting. Instagram itself is a great source for inspiration – I’m always zooming in on pictures trying to find a road name!

Dressr: And you can’t go wrong with an Insta-worthy coffee! Any recommendations?

Laura: Harris and Hoole is my current favourite, you always get a delicious topping and cute coffee art: @hhguildford.

Dressr: Do you feel pressure to maintain such a pretty feed?

Laura: Yes, absolutely. Other bloggers’ feeds are at such high standards that it does make me very critical of my own and I do feel pressure in making sure it looks just how I want it to. It’s my brand so when I’m shooting images, I try to keep a similar theme and edit them very similarly so there’s consistency.

Dressr: Finally, is there anything you would never ever Instagram?

Laura: My feet without toe nails painted, just because I don’t like feet!

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Pretty little london ✨🏡

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Laura’s top tips for…

…taking the perfect #ootd shot: Either a clean white wall, or a tidy bedroom quick mirror snap!

…keeping your feed fresh: Try and upload once a day and stick to the same filter.

…getting inspiration: Pinterest.

…finding a brilliant backdrop: Drive around or go for a walk on the hunt for car-less streets and quiet little areas.

…editing Instagram photos: VSCO Cam and Snapsneed are great, especially for making a white wall whiter.

…writing captions: Try and get your personality across whilst coming up with something original.

…dealing with FOMO: It’s going to happen to us all at some stage, we just have to accept we can’t be involved with everything… unfortunately!


❤️ My new Insta follow is Maddie Bruce. Her images are amazing and I always love looking through her feed: @maddie_bruce

❤️ In my dream selfie squad, there’d be Cameron Diaz, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Margot Robbie.

❤️ My most Instagrammable accessory is my personalised marble phone case from  PINKU: pinku.co.uk

❤️ My favourite shoes are my Topshop silver stud boots (shop them here). They’re a very good dupe for the Givenchy ones!

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Relaxed Saturday vibes ✨

A post shared by LAURA BYRNES (@lauraslittlelocket) on

❤️ The emoji that best sums me up is the girl with her hand in the air. Oh hi!

❤️ My biggest pinch-me moment was when I was featured on Dressr’s shopping page in Stella magazine as a ‘stylish Instagram Star’!

❤️ My favourite place to shop is ASOS. Endless choices!

❤️ I switch off by putting on my PJs and watching TV on the sofa.

❤️ I’m most excited for pushing my blog further and hoping to run it full time in the next year…

Thanks, Laura! We’ll see you on Instagram ? For more of Laura’s tips, check out her brilliant blog here: lauraslittlelocket.com


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