20th September 2016

RIP Snapchat? 10 reasons why we’re loving Instagram Stories

By Jessica Vince
RIP Snapchat? 10 Reasons Why We're Loving Instagram Stories Image credit: @chrissyteigen

On our usual AM Instagram scroll du jour last week, we had something of a surprise. Amid all the usual swirly flat whites and #SquadGoals snaps, there was a brand spanking new feature: Instagram Stories. Bearing in mind that Instagram basically never rolls out new toys for us users to play around with (the most recent offering was being able to upload non-square photos, which to be honest, wasn’t that groundbreaking. It’s hip to be square!) this was deeply exciting. We’re Instagram connoisseurs after all.

If you haven’t seen Instagram Stories yet, it’s basically a little ticker at the top of your feed where you can upload photos and videos that you can filter, edit and then expire after 24 hours. Sound familiar? Yeah, Instagram have kind of gone for Snapchat’s spot. And while we love a good dog filter selfie, we have to admit that Instagram’s got a few advantages over the OG disappearing-diary app. Such as…

1. You don’t need to app-jump anymore

Literally everything’s in one place, from fine-tuned selfies to spur-of-the-moment shots of your day. Rather than needing to switch between Instagram and Snapchat, the new functionality means you can do everything from just one app. Handy.

2. Which means you won’t forget

We’re social media junkies here at DRESSR, but even we forget to update each platform multiple times a day. Maybe it’s because Snapchat doesn’t do the same push notifications, but we’re guilty of neglecting it sometimes. Add in the colourful home-screen icon and it’s much harder to forget good ol’ Instagram.

3. It makes Instagram a little more ‘real’

Sure, it makes sense that you’d want your best photos and videos to live somewhere they won’t disappear after a day, but Instagram was at the risk of becoming too polished, and it’s all-too-easy to obsess over getting the right caption – and the right number of likes. Stories means you can update your feed without sweating the small stuff.

4. It’s ideal for grown-ups

Somehow Instagram Stories feels less ‘teeny’. Snapchat is largely the domain of the under 30 set, but Instagram has a much bigger, more diverse user base and people won’t feel embarrassed about using it. Snapchat, on the other hand is filled with flower crowns, face swapping and high-pitched bee voices which are initially high-larious, but after seeing the twentieth butterfly halo, it can get a leeeetle tiresome.

5. It’s more seamless

Anyone else experienced the Snapchat blackout? Sometimes, it makes our phones crash mid-video or the battery to melt away. Instagram Stories on the other hand is more user-friendly and possibly our favourite thing about it is you can add pictures from your phone. Yes! Just swipe down from the top of your screen to open your camera roll. Oh, and anyone else finding it a lot easier to write freehand using the calligraphy tool? No more illegible scribbles!

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6. All the OG filters are there

You can still Amaro, Valencia or Hudson to your heart’s content. All your best-loved filters are still there to make sure you’re looking selfie-ready in all your videos and snaps.

7. Your crew’s already there

One of Snapchat’s more frustrating quirks is having to search for people by exact username, without any suggestions or auto-complete. After a few tries, we usually give up. But on Instagram, you’re automatically subscribed to everyone you were following. Success.

8. But you don’t have to watch them all

You can scroll through the little bar at the top and jump in right where you like, so if one person you follow posts too damn much, no biggie! Or it’s just as easy to ignore them if you’d rather continue using Instagram in its truest form – it won’t interfere with static scrolling.

9. You’ll immediately have a bigger following

Thanks to Insta being around for longer and the easy search functionality, most of us have more reach on Instagram than we do on Snapchat. Which means your stories will immediately have a bigger reach and you can keep your followers abreast of all the deeply exciting moments in your day – no latte or bite of food will be missed. And if you play your cards right, your Stories will only serve to bring you even more Insta-followers. Hurrah for that!

10. It’s a more 360 experience

We saved the best ’til last – now we can see the outfits in action! As you may have noticed, here at DRESSR, we’re forever using Instagram for style inspiration and now our favourite ‘Fashioninstas’ will be sharing videos of their looks too. What’s not to love?!

So what are your thoughts? Are you an Instagram Stories convert? Does this signal the end for Snapchat? Let us know your thoughts by tweeting us at @DRESSR

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