15th May 2016

The Instaview: Abi Omole On How Instagram Can Better Your Brand

By Daniela Morosini
Abisola Omole Instagram tips Image credit: Abi Omole

Abisola Omole’s not your average 20-something woman. A born businesswoman, Abi started her career as one of the fashion industry’s most respected fashion bloggers with her site ‘I Am Abimarvel’, before branching out into travel and lifestyle. Fast-forward a few years and Abi’s got even more strings in her bow, having launched the blogger collective/agency/events/partnerships collaborative ‘The Apartment’.

If that seems like a lot of slashes, it’s only because what Abi’s created is so vast. With pop-up events throughout the year and at Fashion Weeks, The Apartment provides a space for bloggers and influencers to network and unwind, as well as allowing brands to meet and get to know them – Cartier, Aubaine, Whistles, Huawei, and Harrods have all teamed up with The Apartment. On top of that, The Apartment represents a hand-picked selection of seriously powerful influencers – making Abi a force to be reckoned with.

We caught up with the digital media mogul to discuss how Instagram shapes her strategy, and how to use social media to get ahead…


DRESSR: Where’s your happy place?

‘Wow. Maybe chilling in Cap Ferrat (South of France), I LOVE it there. But generally, spending time at home with the family is always pretty awesome/hilarious.’

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DRESSR: Who would be in your dream selfie squad?

‘Meryl Streep, Josh Brolin, Jesus and my dad (he always does the funniest gestures).’

DRESSR: Who do you love following?

@NadiaAboulhosn – she’s like LEGIT real and hilarious
@JAimeToutChezToi – coolest couple in existence, their fashion..i can’t deal.
@ZioAndSons – I guess i love it as its like my company The Apartment’s feed. Filled with limitless content anything from cool trees to crockery. Its a nice curation!
@PrettySickly – Her feed is indeed pretty sick! She knows how to make a person want to go/do something!

DRESSR: What has you double-tapping most? 

‘Funny stuff, property/interiors and travel destinations probably!’

DRESSR: What makes you unfollow someone?

‘I have this super bad habit (that I’m working on) where I literally will unfollow anyone if they post something that sucks. If a picture, in my opinion, is edited badly, or they start posting too many selfies, then I unfollow. I’ll give them a week and be like “Ok, let’s give you another go” and so I can unfollow and follow someone repeatedly, friends included!’

DRESSR: What fashion item are you still hunting for? 

‘A Chloe Faye bag. But it’s not really a hunt, I just want it to be produced in a slightly bigger version so it can fit my laptop. The moment that happens, I’m buying it!!!’

A photo posted by Abisola Omole (@abimarvel) on

DRESSR: What’s the best way to help attract new followers?

‘To feature well-edited images consistently. I’ve noticed ever since we’ve started posting a certain amount per day, followers have also been steadily increasing.’

DRESSR: What’s your favourite picture you’ve posted on Instagram?

‘I have two accounts – @abimarvel and @theaptmt – but on both, shots from LA’

DRESSR: Have you ever made a purchase because you saw it on Instagram? Or eaten somewhere you saw on Instagram?

‘100000 times! Of course, who hasn’t?’

DRESSR: What editing apps do you like?
‘I use VSCO and ColorStory’

DRESSR: You’re in a position where countless people look at your Instagram – have you ever used it to make a statement or send a message?

‘Totally, but mostly in a positive way. So I’ll show something I LOVE and would like people to check out. I try to post inspirational captions as often as possible, so generally I ensure I’m putting a good message out there.’

DRESSR: What gets the most likes on your account?

‘Outfit shots, food, travel, food, animals, architecture.’

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DRESSR: If you could change one thing about Instagram, what would it be?

‘I would just get rid of all spam and fake accounts/followers so it was cleaner.’

DRESSR: What brands are great to follow on Insta?

‘The Ouai, Glossier, Everlane to name a few’

A photo posted by Abisola Omole (@abimarvel) on

DRESSR: Lastly… do you read the comments?

‘For sure! They’re hilarious, sometimes offensive but mostly filled with love.’

Thanks so much, Abi! Be sure to follow the Insta-star at @abimarvel

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