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Editorial Integrity & Methodology

Why Trust Dressr

From discussing the latest beauty secrets emerging from global beauty capitals to dissecting the latest buzzword ingredients in skincare, the Dressr editorial team holds an uncompromising commitment to thorough research and accurate reporting.

While we love being on the pulse of the beauty, wellness, and lifestyle industries, we at Dressr believe in the proverbial ‘look before you leap.’ This translates into ensuring that every piece of information we share with you is verified and reliable. We collaborate with the crème de la crème of professionals from dermatology, plastic surgery, psychology, and related medical fields, as well as leading beauty mavens. If experts disagree? We keep on digging till we find a consensus and the most robust guidance possible.

Product Reviews & Testing

The intensive review and testing of each product featured on Dressr is what has made us a trusted name in lifestyle, wellness, and beauty. Your trust matters to us, and we value the hard-earned money you spend on the products we recommend.

Rest assured, we wouldn’t suggest anything that we haven’t tried, tested, and fallen in love with ourselves, whether it’s a wallet-friendly face cream or an extravagant limited-edition fragrance. That’s what has elevated Dressr to a trusted name in lifestyle and beauty.

Affiliate Disclaimer

Every product recommended on Dressr is independently vetted and chosen by our editorial team – we only recommend items we would happily buy and use ourselves. When you click on a Dressr link to purchase a product, we may earn an affiliate commission, which helps keep our site glowing.

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