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Body Shape Calculator: Find Your Body Type – From Perfect Measurements to Perfect Outfits

Body Shape Calculator Find Your Body Type - From Perfect Measurements to Perfect Outfits

Ever had that moment when you’ve seen a trending outfit that doesn’t quite match your body type? Do you struggle to find outfits that suit your figure and unique body shape? You’re not alone.

Instead of resorting to comparing yourself with celebrities or common fruit metaphors, we’re diving into a method praised by renowned fashion guru Bradley Bayou. This approach isn’t just about broad categories; it’s rooted in mathematics and precision to ensure you discover your genuine shape.

The Art and Science of Understanding Your Body Shape

Our article is limited to the four core body-types to give you a taste of what the methodology is all about. Bayou has an entire book covering tips for dressing 48 body types. Check out The Science of Sexy for all the details.

And remember, the concept of body shape transcends size—it’s about understanding the unique distribution of your proportions. So, grab your measuring tape and prepare to not only uncover your true body contour but also to learn how to accentuate it with the perfect fashion choices.

The Comprehensive Body Shape Calculator

Steps to Measure, Analyze, and Understand Common Female Body Types

Unlocking the secrets of personal style begins with understanding one’s individual body shape. Before diving into the world of the four primary body shapes, it’s crucial to grasp the mechanics of self-measurement. Here’s a quick guide:

Measurements for Body Type:

  • Shoulder Measurements: Place the tape measure around the broadest part, ensuring it’s flat and even for an accurate measurement.
  • Bust Measurements: Capture the fullest circumference, keeping the tape parallel to the ground.
  • Waist Measurements: Focus on the natural waistline, typically the slimmest part above the navel.
  • Hip Measurements: Measure around the widest section, generally at the hip bone level.

Interpreting Your Numbers:

These measurements aren’t just numbers; they’ll help guide you to your predominant body shape. It’s the relationship between these values that holds the key.

Embracing the Four Primary Body Types For Women How to Dress Them

Understanding and embracing your body shape is the first step towards enhancing your style quotient.

With your measurements in hand, it’s time to pinpoint your exact body shape!

The following guidelines offer flexibility in using either your bust or shoulder measurements, a thoughtful inclusion for those with particularly distinct bust sizes or shoulder widths. This might result in identifying with more than one body shape category.

For instance, using your bust measurement might lean towards an A-line, while your shoulder measurement suggests an hourglass figure. In such instances, explore styles suitable for both shapes, and choose outfits that resonate with your personal style.

Continue reading to match your dimensions with the right body shape description, and rely on Bayou’s method to confirm your authentic shape.

Let’s dive deep into the four primary body shapes, their characteristics, and how best to dress them:

1. Inverted Triangle Body Type:

The Inverted Triangle body shape is defined by broader shoulders than hips. It’s akin to an upside-down triangle, where the base is at the shoulders.

Inverted Triangle Body Type

Identifying the Inverted Triangle Shape

  • Key ratio: Shoulders or bust measurement should be >5% larger than hips.
  • Inverted Triangle Body Equation: (Shoulders or Bust ÷ Hips) ≥ 1.05.
  • Example: 36-inch broad shoulders with hips 34.25 inches or smaller? You’re an Inverted Triangle.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape Outfits: Style-Guide & Best Choices to Wear

Fashion Recommendations: Enhance your lower body to balance the broader upper half. Details, like flares and accents around the hip, are key.

  • Go-to Choices: A-Line dresses, Peplum tops, Bootcut jeans, Wrap dresses, Belted coats.
  • Why They Work? These pieces emphasize and create an illusion of a defined waist, add volume to the hips, and balance out broader shoulders. The goal is to achieve harmony in the silhouette by bringing attention to the waist and lower body.
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1. Dresses for Inverted Triangle Shapes

A-Line Dresses and Empire Waistlines:

These dresses cinch at the smallest part of your waist and then flare out, emphasizing your waist and allowing room for hips, making them ideal for inverted triangle shapes.

Why: The A-line silhouette complements the natural line of the inverted triangle, creating a more balanced proportion between the broader upper body and narrower lower body. The empire waist emphasizes the narrowest point, drawing attention to the midsection and away from broader shoulders.

2. Casual Wear for Inverted Triangle Figures

Peplum Tops:

A casual peplum top, with its added volume at the waist, is perfect for giving the illusion of hips.

Why: The flared detail of the peplum adds volume to the hip area, counterbalancing broader shoulders, and highlighting a narrow waist.

Bootcut Jeans or Trousers:

These jeans flare out slightly from the knee to the hem, making them a good match.

Why: The subtle flare at the bottom of bootcut jeans can help balance out wider shoulders and give the illusion of a more proportional figure.

3. Formal Wear Choices for Inverted Triangle Body-Types

Wrap Dresses:

Perfect for both office settings and upscale events, wrap dresses tie at one side of the waist, creating a V-neck and emphasizing a curvy silhouette.

Why: The V-neck of a wrap dress draws attention downwards, balancing out wider shoulders. The wrap design also emphasizes the waist, creating a balanced, curvy appearance.

Strapless or Off-the-Shoulder Gowns:

Showcase those stunning shoulders in a way that’s elegant and refined.

Why: By drawing attention to the collarbone and décolletage, these designs can turn broader shoulders into a glamorous asset, without making them the focal point.

4. Outerwear for Inverted Triangle Body Types

Belted Coats:

Whether it’s a trench or a wool coat, opt for styles that come with a belt.

Why: Cinching the coat with a belt highlights the waist, creating a curvier silhouette. It gives form to the straighter lines of the inverted triangle, especially during colder months when layering is essential.

Celebrities With Inverted Triangle Body Types: Embracing Broad Shoulders

Renee Zellweger:
Academy Award-winning actress Renee Zellweger, known for her transformative roles, beautifully showcases the inverted triangle physique. Her choice of off-the-shoulder gowns and V-necklines often complements her broader shoulders, making her a true fashion maven.

Naomi Campbell:
Supermodel Naomi Campbell, with her statuesque frame, is an emblematic figure of the inverted triangle shape. Her fashion choices on the runway, particularly outfits that balance her shoulders with voluminous skirts or flared pants, highlight the beauty of this distinctive silhouette.

Demi Moore:
Iconic actress Demi Moore, famed for her roles in blockbusters and her enduring style, proudly sports the inverted triangle figure. Her penchant for strapless dresses and tailored jackets accentuates her frame, allowing her to shine on and off the red carpet.

Jessica Simpson:
Singer, actress, and businesswoman, Jessica Simpson, with her broad shoulders and slender hips, is a classic example of the inverted triangle shape. Her wardrobe, a mix of fitted tops and A-line dresses, brings harmony to her silhouette, making her a trendsetter in every sense.

Teri Hatcher:
Acclaimed for her roles in popular TV series, Teri Hatcher’s inverted triangle body shape has been a subject of admiration. Her choice of wrap dresses and belted coats often gives an illusion of a defined waist, beautifully complementing her body type.

2. Rectangle Body Type:

The Rectangle body shape signifies nearly uniform measurements across the shoulders, bust, and hips. This gives a straight appearance, with no area particularly pronounced.

Rectangle Body Type

Identifying the Rectangle Shape

  • Key Ratio 1: Your waist should be less than 25% smaller than your shoulders or bust, meaning Waist ÷ Shoulders or Bust ≥ 0.75.
  • Rectangle Body Type Calculation: Taking the largest of your three measurements as ‘t’ (usually shoulders) and the other two as ‘y’ and ‘z’, y and z should be greater than t x 0.95. This ensures your shoulders, bust, and hips are within 5% of each other.
  • Example: If your shoulders are 36 inches and your waist is 27 inches or more, then you fit the Rectangle body shape definition.

Rectangle Body Shape Outfits: Style-Guide & Best Choices to Wear

Fashion Recommendations: Amplify curves and define the waist to give depth to the straight silhouette. Implement volume and contouring details to provide dimension.

  • Go-to Choices: Ruched dresses, High-waist flared pants, Belted jumpsuits, Peplum tops, Trench coats with tie waists.
  • Why They Work? These clothing items introduce curves, create the illusion of a cinched waist, and add depth to the natural straight shape of the rectangle body type. The intent is to infuse dynamism into the silhouette by highlighting potential curves.
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1. Dresses for Rectangle Body Shape

Ruched or Tiered Dresses:

Dresses featuring ruching or tiered elements give a gentle volume, transforming the straight line of the rectangle body.

Why: Ruching and tiered details introduce subtle curves and dimensions, ensuring the straight shape doesn’t look flat or two-dimensional.

2. Casual Wear for Rectangle Body Figures

High-Waist Flared Pants:

A perfect blend of comfort and style, these pants sit high on the waist and flare at the bottom.

Why: The high waist defines the midsection, while the flare at the bottom introduces a curve, adding balance to the straight rectangle figure.

Peplum Tops:

The flared detail at the waist offers a slight curve, adding a touch of femininity.

Why: The flare of the peplum gives an illusion of a defined waist and a curvier hip area, which can enhance the straight lines of the rectangle shape.

3. Formal Wear Choices for Rectangle Body-Types

Belted Jumpsuits:

Jumpsuits that cinch at the waist with a belt or tie detail are great for rectangle shapes, making them suitable for formal settings.

Why: The cinched waist breaks the linear appearance, emphasizing a curvier silhouette and highlighting the waist area.

Wrap Skirts with Ruffles or Bows:

These skirts wrap around the waist, creating dimension, while the ruffles or bows add volume.

Why: The wrap design offers some contouring to the hips, and additional details like ruffles or bows introduce volume, creating a more dynamic look for the rectangle shape.

4. Outerwear for Rectangle Body Types

Trench Coats with Tie Waists:

Classic and versatile, these coats come with a tie waist that can be adjusted to fit snugly.

Why: Tying the coat at the waist adds a curved silhouette to the straight lines of the rectangle shape, especially useful in colder months when outfits might otherwise appear bulkier.

Celebrities With Rectangle Body Types: The Straight-Line Elegance

Cameron Diaz:
This Hollywood A-lister, known for her diverse roles, possesses a classic rectangle body type. Cameron Diaz often opts for outfits that either emphasize her straight-line physique or introduce curves through strategic fashion choices, demonstrating the adaptability of this body type.

Gwyneth Paltrow:
The Oscar-winning actress and entrepreneur, Gwyneth Paltrow, is a stellar example of the rectangle body type. Her chic and minimalist style often plays to the strengths of her balanced proportions, making her a fashion icon for many.

Natalie Portman:
Acclaimed actress Natalie Portman, with her graceful figure and fashion-forward choices, epitomizes the elegance of the rectangle shape. Whether on the red carpet or in film roles, she showcases how diverse and appealing this body shape can be.

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge:
Royalty and fashion icon, Kate Middleton, beautifully represents the rectangle body type. Her impeccable fashion sense, characterized by tailored coats, shift dresses, and A-line silhouettes, accentuates her balanced proportions and sets trends worldwide.

Hilary Duff:
The multifaceted singer and actress, Hilary Duff, has been a prominent figure showcasing the rectangle body shape. Her casual yet trendy style choices, from high-waisted jeans to form-fitting dresses, highlight the adaptability of the rectangle figure.

3. Triangle Body Type

The Triangle or Pear body shape is characterized by hips that are wider than both the bust and shoulders. This results in a silhouette where the lower body is more pronounced compared to the upper half.

Triangle Body Type

Identifying the Triangle (Pear) Shape

  • Key Triangle Body Measurements: Your hip size should be more than 5% larger than your shoulders or bust, which translates to: Hips ÷ Shoulders or Bust ≥ 1.05.
  • Example: If your shoulders measure 36 inches and your hips are 37.75 inches or larger, then you align with the Triangle (Pear) body shape measurements.

Triangle Body Shape Outfits: Style-Guide & Best Choices to Wear

Fashion Recommendations: Emphasize the upper body and waist while complimenting the naturally curvy lower half. Opt for pieces that draw attention upwards, bringing balance between the narrower shoulders and wider hips of the triangle body shape.

  • Go-to Choices: Fit-and-Flare dresses, Boat-neck tops, A-line skirts, Wide-legged trousers, and Structured jackets.
  • Why They Work? These styles help draw attention to the narrow waist and upper body of the pear-shaped individual. They also accommodate the broader hips, ensuring a comfortable fit while enhancing the body’s natural curves. The aim is to create a harmonious silhouette that showcases the best features of the triangle/pear body type.
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1. Dresses for Triangle Body Shapes

Fit-and-Flare Dresses:

These dresses cinch at the waist and flare out towards the hem, perfectly showcasing the defined waist and accommodating wider hips.

Why: Fit-and-flare dresses enhance the waistline, drawing attention to the narrowest part of the body while providing ample room for the broader hips, creating a beautifully balanced appearance.

2. Casual Wear for Triangle Body Figures

Boat-Neck Tops:

A boat-neck top can broaden the appearance of the shoulders, balancing out the proportions with the hips.

Why: The horizontal neckline draws attention to the collarbone and shoulders, helping to visually balance out the wider lower body.

A-Line Skirts:

A classic choice, these skirts are narrow at the waist and gradually widen towards the hem.

Why: A-line skirts highlight the waist while accommodating and flattering the hip area, creating a seamless flow in the silhouette.

3. Formal Wear Choices for Triangle Body-Types

Halter Neck Gowns:

Halter necklines draw attention upwards, emphasizing the shoulders and bust.

Why: The design pulls the eyes to the upper body, creating a visually balanced look when paired with the broader hips of a pear shape.

Structured Blazers:

Blazers with strong shoulder lines or slight padding can bring symmetry to the pear body shape.

Why: By creating a broader shoulder appearance, structured blazers can balance the wider hip area, especially when left open to showcase the waist.

4. Outerwear for Triangle Body Types

Waist-Length Jackets:

These jackets end right at the waist, emphasizing it and not adding bulk to the hips.

Why: By focusing on the waist, these jackets accentuate the narrowest part of the body, providing a slimming effect without overshadowing the natural curves of the hips.

This guide is tailor-made for the triangle/pear body shape, ensuring that each piece complements the natural assets of this specific body type.

Celebrities With Triangle Body Types: Flaunting the Pear-shaped Elegance

Several leading ladies in the world of cinema, music, and fashion embrace their true shape. Their empowered stance and style choices put the spotlight on the beauty of this figure and serve as an inspiration for many.

The global music sensation, Beyoncé, not only boasts a remarkable voice but also a classic triangle figure. Her fashion choices often highlight her full hips and thighs, showcasing the strength and allure of the pear shape.

Jennifer Lopez:
J.Lo’s iconic curves and distinct body shape have made her a symbol of the triangle figure for decades. Her dance-centric performances and style selections often emphasize her pronounced lower half.

Another music powerhouse with a distinctive triangle shape is Shakira. Renowned for her hip-shaking moves, she truly celebrates her pear-shaped silhouette, making it an integral part of her identity.

The Barbadian beauty, Rihanna, has elegantly flaunted her triangle figure over the years. Whether it’s through her fashion-forward choices or her Fenty brand campaigns, she always champions body positivity.

Kim Cattrall:
Best known for her role in “Sex and the City,” Kim Cattrall showcases the elegance of the triangle figure in the world of television. Her character, Samantha, often donned outfits that accentuated her wider hips, making a statement about embracing one’s natural shape.

4. Hourglass Body Type:

The Hourglass body shape is defined by a narrow waist that’s significantly smaller than both the bust and hips. Both the shoulders and hips are roughly the same width, providing a balanced silhouette where the curves at the bust and hips are pronounced.

Hourglass Body Type

Identifying the Hourglass Shape Body Type Category

  • Key Ratio 1: Your waist should be at least 25% smaller than your shoulders or bust. This translates to: Waist ÷ Shoulders or Bust ≤ 0.75.
  • Key Ratio 2: Your waist size should also be at least 25% smaller than your hips, meaning: Waist ÷ Hips ≤ 0.75.
  • Hourglass Body Type Measurement Calculations: To determine if your shoulder and hip measurements are within 5% of each other, take the larger of the two measurements as ‘t’ and the smaller as ‘y’. If y is greater than t multiplied by 0.95, then your hips and shoulders are within 5% of each other.
  • Example: If both your shoulders and hips measure 36 inches and your waist is 27 inches or smaller, then you fit the Hourglass body shape definition.

Hourglass Body Shape Outfits: Style-Guide & Best Choices to Wear

Fashion Recommendations: Celebrate the balanced proportions of bust and hips by accentuating the defined waist. Opt for pieces that follow and enhance the natural contours of the hourglass figure.

  • Go-to Choices: Wrap tops and dresses, Pencil skirts, High-waisted trousers, V-neck tops, and Belts.
  • Why They Work? These styles hug and highlight the curves, accentuating the waist and balancing both upper and lower body. The goal is to embrace the symmetry of the hourglass figure, making the most of its naturally balanced proportions.
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1. Dresses for Hourglass Shapes

Wrap Dresses:

These dresses tie around the waist, enhancing the hourglass silhouette and showcasing the balanced bust and hip proportions.

Why: Wrap dresses cinch at the waist, emphasizing the narrowest point and flowing gracefully over the curves of the bust and hips, creating a perfect silhouette.

2. Casual Wear for Hourglass Figures

Wrap Tops:

These tops, like their dress counterparts, wrap around the waist, drawing attention to the hourglass’s most defined feature.

Why: Wrap tops accentuate the waist while providing a flattering fit for both the bust and hips, enhancing the body’s natural balance.

Pencil Skirts:

Pencil skirts follow the body’s natural curve, highlighting the waist and hips in harmony.

Why: These skirts skim the figure just right, emphasizing the balanced proportions of the hourglass shape while showcasing the legs.

3. Formal Wear Choices for Hourglass Body-Types

V-Neck Gowns:

V-necklines draw attention to the balanced bust area and create a vertical line, elongating the figure.

Why: The V-neck design complements the balanced proportions of the hourglass figure while providing a touch of elegance and allure.

Tailored Blazers:

Fitted blazers that cinch at the waist are a perfect match for the hourglass shape.

Why: A tailored fit emphasizes the waist and complements the bust and hip areas, showcasing the hourglass’s symmetry in a sophisticated manner.

4. Accessories for Hourglass Body Types


Worn at the waist, they further accentuate the hourglass figure’s most distinguished feature.

Why: Whether over a dress, top, or coat, belts help draw attention to the waist, highlighting the beautiful balance between the upper and lower body.

This guide is thoughtfully curated for the hourglass body shape, ensuring that each recommendation celebrates its naturally symmetrical and curvy silhouette.

Celebrities With An Hourglass Figure:

Numerous celebrities from the entertainment industry stand out embodying the hourglass figure, the most common body shapes associated with grace and style. Their striking proportions, with equally prominent bust and hips paired with a distinctively smaller natural waist, have set beauty benchmarks for decades.

Marilyn Monroe Hourglass Figure:

One of the most timeless beauty icons, Marilyn Monroe’s voluptuous figure defined the hourglass silhouette in the 1950s. She celebrated her curves and became an emblem of allure and femininity.

Scarlett Johansson Hourglass Figure:

Modern-day Hollywood’s quintessential hourglass figure, Scarlett Johansson’s stunning proportions are highlighted in many of her film roles, from action-packed adventures to romantic dramas.

Sofia Vergara Hourglass Figure:

The Colombian actress, famed for her role in “Modern Family,” is another brilliant example of the hourglass shape. Sofia Vergara embraces her natural curves with vivaciousness, often opting for outfits that accentuate her defined waist.

Salma Hayek Hourglass Figure:

Salma Hayek’s petite yet curvy stature is a testament to the hourglass figure’s versatility. Whether on the red carpet or the big screen, she carries her curves with an effortless elegance.

Kim Kardashian Hourglass Figure:

Renowned for her curves, Kim Kardashian has redefined the hourglass figure for the social media generation. Her fashion choices often emphasize her waist, making her one of the most recognized modern ambassadors of the hourglass silhouette.

Bradley Bayou’s Precision Body Measurement System Explained A Mathematical Approach to Body Typing

Bradley Bayou, revolutionized the way we look at body shapes. Instead of sticking to broad categories, Bayou developed a mathematical system that delves into precise measurements. This method aims to categorize women into one of the 48 unique body shapes, offering a more tailored guide to dressing.

The value of using math in identifying body shapes:

The beauty of Bayou’s system is its reliance on precise mathematics, which eliminates the vagueness often associated with traditional body shape descriptions. It offers women a clear understanding of their figure and the fashion choices that would best complement them.

A glimpse into his book, “The Science of Sexy”:

In his book, Bayou provides readers with tools to measure and categorize their body shape. Alongside, he offers outfit recommendations, styling tips, and insights tailored for each of the 48 shapes he has identified.

Beyond Fruit Metaphors: The Science of Body Shapes Moving Past Simplified Descriptions

Comparing women’s bodies to fruits or other general categories might be easy to remember, but they often do a disservice. They’re overly simplistic, rarely capture the nuances of individual bodies, and can inadvertently limit fashion choices.

The benefits of a scientific and precise approach:

A methodical, data-driven approach helps in identifying a broader range of body shapes, ensuring every woman can find her perfect fit. This precision allows for more personalized fashion advice and boosts confidence in clothing choices.

The Gray Areas: What If I Span Multiple Body Shapes? Navigating the Nuances of Body Types

It’s not uncommon for someone to possess features of multiple body types. Bodies are unique, and not everyone will neatly fit into a single category.

Tips for those who fall between types

If you identify with multiple shapes, focus on the styles that emphasize your most cherished features. Mix and match advice from different categories and always prioritize comfort and confidence.

Beyond the Four: Exploring Lesser-Known Body Types A Peek into the Diverse World of Body Shapes

Apart from the commonly discussed shapes, Bayou delves into variations like the Gentle Hourglass, Angular Hourglass, Soft Rectangle, and many more, each with its distinct characteristics.

Adapting fashion choices for these unique shapes

With the discovery of a precise body type, women can adapt their fashion choices to highlight their best features, using Bayou’s tailored advice for each shape.

The Myth of One-Size-Fits-All Fashion Celebrating Personalization in Fashion

While fashion trends can influence style choices, not every trend will complement every body type. Following a trend blindly can lead to fashion faux pas.

The power of dressing for your unique body:

Recognizing and dressing for one’s unique shape not only enhances physical appeal but also boosts confidence and self-acceptance. It’s about celebrating individuality in the vast world of fashion.

Conclusion – Dressing with Confidence, Celebrating Your Unique Shape

In the journey of fashion, discovering and embracing one’s unique body type is a transformative experience. Bradley Bayou’s precision method offers everyone a chance to step out of generic categories and truly celebrate their individuality. Remember, fashion is not about fitting into a mold; it’s about molding fashion to fit you.

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