Lovense Ridge



Experience Luxury with the Lovense Ridge Vibrating Anal Beads

Indulge in the seamless integration of comfort and luxury with the Lovense Ridge. Crafted meticulously for extended wear, its sleek rotating tip delivers a 360° massage that’s pure bliss. You hold the power to control the intensity, allowing for a customized experience, ranging from a gentle purr to a deep, resonant rumble.

Lovense Ridge: More Than Your Average Anal Beads

Welcome a fresh dimension of anal pleasure. While anal beads are celebrated by people across various genders and orientations, the Ridge amplifies this sensation, making every moment about the journey as much as the destination.

Enhanced Anal Sensations Await You

The Ridge is not just another anal toy. Its powerful vibrations and rotation features, adjustable to your liking, guarantee more than just a feeling of fullness. Clocking up to 116 rotations per minute, every use is a new adventure.

Unlock Deeper Sensations

Insert the graded bead sizes at your pace and, for a heightened sensation, pull them out just as you approach the climax. Amplify the pleasure for all users, delivering a deep, soulful pleasure.

Apart from the foundational pleasures of the beads, the Ridge’s vibration and rotation functionalities stimulate the prostate, ushering in a profound climax.

Delving into Lovense Ridge’s Premium Features

Rotational Excellence: Revel in a 360° immersive massage with a smoothly rotating tip.

  • Silent Yet Powerful: Immerse in the vibes without any distracting noises.
  • Safety First: A thoughtfully designed flared base ensures easy use and maximum safety.
  • Flexible & User-Friendly: Mold and adjust to fit all pleasure styles.
  • Water-Resistant Luxury: Crafted entirely from silicone, it’s designed for splash-filled adventures and easy cleaning.

Harness the Power of the Lovense Remote App

Elevate your playtime:

  • Control up close or from afar.
  • Infinite customizable vibration patterns.
  • Tune in with sound activation & music syncing.

Compatibility Features

Syncs seamlessly with:

  • iPhone/iPad Air/iPad Mini/iPod Touch iOS 14.2+
  • Android 5.0+ (with Bluetooth 4.0)
  • Mac (supporting Bluetooth 4.0)
  • Windows PC (Directly with the Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter)

For Solo and Duo Adventures

For Singles: Navigate through diverse patterns to find what speaks to you.

  • For Duos: Incorporate the Ridge into foreplay or double the pleasure during intimacy. A game-changer for long-distance couples, letting them take control from any corner of the world.

Product Details – Lovense Ridge

  • Material: Superior-grade Silicone
  • Weight: 129g
  • Battery: High-capacity 800mAh Li-polymer
  • Charge Time: About 1.15h
  • Use Duration: As long as 2.42h
  • Modes: 7 preset (Expandable via the Lovense Remote app)
  • Water Resistance: IPX7 rated
  • Warranty: 12 months

Inside Your Lovense Ridge Package

  • Lovense Ridge Anal Bead x 1
  • USB Charger x 1
  • Comprehensive User Manual x 1
  • Elegant Storage Pouch x 1


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